Tuesday, October 5

On Stage With Dennis Lau & Ash Nair

It was yet another memorable time on stage as I was invited to play alongside 2 of our nation's accomplished musicans - Dennis Lau & Ash Nair

LIVE from G-Spot, Penang.

Dennis, Yuri, Alda, Ash, Kevin, Me & Kamal

Playing cover tunes from U2, Coldplay and originals by Ash & Dennis

Ash & I

Pro sessionist on guitars - Kamal

EPIC performance of the nite: Stephanie Shih and her girls doing some wicked violin dance/splits/jumps/yoga/spinning action.

The after session with Kevin & Dennis

Dennis' manager - Diana

It is indeed a privilege be gigging with these guys
Special thanks to the birthday boy, Rene for having us.

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