Saturday, June 5

Finally...Broga Hill

Just as the title suggest...Finally..I've made it Broga Hill

Missed quite a few opportunities to go hike up this place which is said to have a great view of sunrise.

We headed off to Broga Hill at 5am in the morning and parked at the oil palm plantation in pitch darkness.

Signboard was only visible later in the morning.

Walked along the path together with the crowd armed with torchlights and it took us approximately 45 minutes before reaching the 1st stop.

Here's view at the 1st stop. Breathtaking view isn't it?

Check out the huge crowd, whom are mostly armed with dSLR's

the Gang - EVo.Selena.Rachel.Jarrel & I

Somebody is watching me...

Here comes sunrise!

Everyone's trying to have a piece of the sunrise moments

Guys & Gals camwhoring

Rachel & Selena

Here's EVo's doing his 'product endorsement shots'  ...haha!

We made our way downhill shortly pass 8:30 am before we get roasted

Downhill jam pulak  =.="


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

Teddy said...

a lot of nottingham uni ppl wil go here! hhaha