Monday, January 11

Ne-Yo Live In Kuala Lumpur 2010

The Gentleman is in town. Thanks to Friendster  & my bro I received a call from a girl a day before the concert who gave me 2 exclusive passes worth RM540 bucks to Ne-Yo's concert at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach.

I felt on top of the world *whispers* though I wasn't a Ne-Yo fan at all! But then, who hasnt heard of his songs before rite?

The crowd went wild as the gentleman took the stage and for the next 30 mins or so, he was belting out all his hits.

Check out some wicked stuff from those Roland G7 synths...*drools*

Ne-Yo then introduced his protege whom he has been training

Now for some concert sensation, thanks to Euveng who has sacrificed his arms for this, VIDEO recordings from the concert in HD!

Check it out:

I'll sure be hooked on to Ne-Yo's tunes for awhile.

*Brilliant pix courtesy of Ewin*


EVo said...

Yeah man my poor arms. sacrificed. u make them sound as if i detached them an left them at neyo's concert LOL.

Jayne said...

u'r so lucky!!

jessbabe said...

haha.. so I'm referred as the girl!