Thursday, December 24

Star Live Concert & Hannah Tan's Charity Christmas Concert

Here's some snippets of the 2 concerts that happened back to back the past week.

First it's was the Star Live Concert at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Featuring Taiwan and local acts with the likes of Richie Ren, Valen Tsu, Kelly Chen, Alex Fong, Vangie Teng, Liu Li Yang & Suki Low, it was definitely one star-studded concert for fans of mando-pop.

The very next day, it was our very own Hannah Tan's Charity Christmas Concert.

Held at the Gardens Ballroom, this charity concert is staged for the underprivileged kids, where guests who are attending this event are required to bring a gift for the kids in exchange for an entry pass to the concert.

Check out the video featuring performances by Liang, Remy & Sam of Innuendo, Dennis Lau & Hannah herself.


Angela said...

Richie Ren changed his name to Richie Jen already. Don't ask me why. No more Richie Ren :)

Anonymous said...

Actually "Ren" and "Jen" are similar chinese word "任". It just different pin yin transformation. Ren is international pin yin and Jen is Taiwanese style.