Wednesday, December 30

On Stage : An Honest Mistake at Rock The World 9 Concert

The largest Rock Concert in our land is back!
It's Rock The World 9 and I'm honored to session for one of the best Indie bands around; An Honest Mistake

This has also gotta be the largest gig that I've played at so far. Mind you,
it's held at Bukit Jalil Stadium.... the huge outdoor carpark to be exact.
Anyways, here we are on stage before it poured down like dino's and rhino's.

Playing songs from the bands original compositions, 'I'm Down With You, If You're Down With It', This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why(currently on Xfresh,Traxx and Hitz.FM) and the band's latest - Collision.

That's me on the synth before it got 'baptized' by the rain.

Thanks to the band for having me in this gig and to all the tech crew and photographers. You guys were amazing!

For some eye-popping high res pix of the event, click here, here, here and here
Brilliant photo's thanks to Ewin, Fidot, Zlwin & Bryan
Caught on TV!

If u've missed our performance or u'd like to check out the synthesizer-injected tunes from the original, do check out the video.

Our 1Malaysia fans

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