Friday, October 16

A weekend to RECHARGE

Thanks to Facebook & Twitter, I've gotten lazier to update my blog, hence the month long hiatus.

Anyway, nothing much has been happening this month....yet.. besides getting another year older, and kinda engaged in some projects, it has been a rather busy month.

My birthday cake alongside 2 wedding anniversaries on the same day. My aunt's and my parents.

Thankfully, after all the hectic weeks, I'm now taking a weekend break in Melaka & heading down to JB tomorrow for RECHARGE.

Clubbers would love this as they've gotten international DJ's to come spin their tunes! Check out the link and see if you're in Melaka or JB this weekend.

Have a great weekend and Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends! =)

Pix comin up when I'm back!

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