Sunday, September 6

Let's VAIO!

Casually walked around in Mid Valley on Merdeka day, somehow went into Sony Centre just to look-see..........

and came out with this:

Totally no plans on getting a laptop, moreover an overpriced VAIO ...but it's Full HD specs was just too tempting to resist. xD

Packed with loads of junks media softwares from Sony, this baby lives up to every expectation of a Sony product.

It's definitely my first ever most crazy unplanned purchase!


Leonard said...

budak action !

my birthday comin on November.

E71 plzz

pb said...

my birthday's earlier than leonard's. It is this weekend! *hint hint*

teddy's lair said...

it would be more crazy if you could make this babe of you an unplanned gift to someone like me >.<