Sunday, December 23

NTV 7 - Star Live Concert

Videos & Pix are all ready in here!

It's been all worthwhile standing from 6:30 right through to 11:30p.m (that's 5 hours!) for the biggest concert of the year. The turnout was estimated to be around 20,000 people!

Am sure those who wasn't there last nite did at least caught a glimpse of it on TV as NTV7 had it broadcasted live. If not, I've got some videos from the concert as u scroll further down the page.

Awesome performances by all the invited artiste with both local and international ones like Singaporean Stephanie Sun, Taiwanese David Tao, Malaysian Zhang Dong Liang. From Taiwan: Claire Kuo, Vic Chow (of boyband F4), and upcoming group Da Mouth. From Hong Kong: Candy Lo and Grasshoppers. Local front: Penny Tai, Nicholas Teo, Karen Kong, Stella Chung, Louis Chan, Anthony Chang, Jet Yi and boybands Boyz Frenz (wth??) and JNK.

I apologize to those whose reading this blog which fav. pop idol I have not mentioned..but, am there only coz I heard David Tao would be performing in this event. Anyway, the crowd was great not only with the HUGE turnout, but in showing their support for the singers and singing along with the artiste to all the famous hits. Do check it out in the videos.
To all who sang along, you guys were the best coz U all could be heard LOUD & CLEAR on the video.

I've gotten rather impatient waiting the whole nite for David Tao to get out to the stage and SING ! and which he only did at the final hours of the nite. Got my cam all armed and ready to capture on video his performance for the very first time. Upclose!!

We shall let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.. Enjoy!

Star Live Concert Video - Part 1: (Various Artiste)

Star Live Concert Video - Part 2: (David Tao)

A BIG Thank You to NTV7 & Berjaya Sports Toto for the generous free passes. Truly it was a star-studded spectacular event!

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