Wednesday, December 5

Mom's Back !

Tis is long overdue...but yupz.. mom's back from her long 'vacation' in England on Nov 25th.

Some pix on mom's arrival at the airport:

My poser bro got people's attention coz of his bouquet of flowers that looks like as though he's awaiting for his girlfriend's return.

Mom charging towards me for a hug....while I'm armed wit the cam..It was a split-second decision to choose either to drop the cam for mum's hug or ....but oh well..i love both of `em to let go of either one.. =p

Some other random pix of my dad, ME and Aunt Florence:


I am a child of christ said...

helooo ah bald, Your mum look very young at her age. hahahaha

Baldwin said...

thank u! she's my mom..and yup..she's still young always... =)