Friday, November 9

KL Tower & Ampang Lookout Point

Zee and I decided to go see the beautiful KL skyline from the tallest spots around and so.. we first went to KL Tower where we camwhored from the bottom of the tower all the way till the top..even while in the lift.

Though the view was a bit hazy when we were there, but v still managed to spot 1U and rain-clouds pouring out the rain in some distant parts of KL.

In the evening, we headed over to the 'low-profile' Ampang Lookout Point which is located in the interiors of Ampang hilltop, along a stretch of mountain roads like Akira Mountain in Initial D..
(trust me..It looks just the same...downhill, winding, sharp corners..etc.)

View of the city centre from the Lookout Point Tower is simply fabulous! Interesting platform (tower) with wooden planks as flooring enable visitors to enjoy the view from various angles.

There's also 3 restaurants located at the peak and the weather last nite was cold and misty as it had just drizzled.

Though we got lost initially trying to find the place, but its all in good timing as we reached there just in time to watch the sunset over the horizon (pix) and thanks to the rain that cleared the polluted particles in the air, we got a splendid clear view even at night when the neons and halogens light up the beautiful city.

Check out the video below to have a 'feel' of whats the view like from the place:

Definitely a recommended spot to hang out in the evening and nite.

View 10/10 ..Food 4/10.

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