Friday, July 27

Rocking InTone

The band that has been touring around Malaysia for the past 3 weeks starting off in Church Of Praise,Ipoh, to playing for the Youth Alive INFLUENCE Conference in PJ, visiting a church & CF in Malacca, rocking the nite out in Seremban then back to HSG in KL before heading to Singapore for the Baybeats Music Festival is in Tabernacle Of Worship for 2 days not only to rock it out loud, but also to conduct a sound and music workshop.

Students from SAE.........Mike,Unk.Remy & I ........and also the group of Audio sifu's

InTone Band from Sydney consists of 5 really down to earth blokes..with Chris on Lead Vox and bass, Gil on Drums, Mark (Chris' bro) on lead guitar and James on keyz and 2nd guitar.. and of course..Michael a.k.a Mike on the mix.
These guys has written songs based on their personal life experiences and currently released a 2 track CD single recorded in a studio owned by Darlene Zscech.

Mark, Chris & James of InTone

Gil -the drummer is of some Dutch + kiwi descent.

Some stuff that Mark uses for his axe.

The crowd at TOW

InTone got mobbed by screaming fans armed with their camera phones.

....then Leo stopped everyone all of a sudden to have tis pix taken ....

Here's an interesting fact about these people who took unpaid leave just to come over to our boleh-land to minister.... they're NOT professionals ..well though they are musically..but according to them, Chris is a toilet equipment salesman (gettin' house-calls from ur thinkin bout some Desperate Housewives by now)... hehe.., James is in the property sector selling houses/lands etc., Gil is a chef and Mark is in the dairy industries (milking cows..hehe..)

So there ya go...normal people living normal lives who's passionate `bout music and being used by God by availing themselves.

A memorabilia from InTone in appreciation of our church support.

Click on any of the pix for the full collection of InTone's performance as well as fan pix.

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