Thursday, July 5

Die Hard 4.0

Keepin to the true "Die Hard" formula of non-stop action from start till the end..
(8 years after the last sequel) ....John mcClane's back.. (looks so much older) in the latest Die Hard.

Talks bout a computer hacker and his gang who did havoc in the States by tapping into the national com systems,..bla bla bla..and causing a state of emergency..John & the whiz kid comes to the rescue and took out all the bad guys single handed.

Recommended only if you're into massive car crashes, traffic chase, explosives and mega-destruction. Nothin' fantastic bout' story-line though, coz it gets too predictable by the 40th minute into the movie.

My rating: 3 out of 5 star. -Watch it only if you're in desperate need of the actions. This sequel is way too 90's for an action flick.

Check out the movie trailer:

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